Dynamic Protective Coatings specializes in the application of high performance protective coatings.

In 2012, Dynamic began working with petroleum companies and their distribution partners to offer a solution to the constant degradation of surfaces exposed to oil, gas, and ceaseless effects of weather. After several years of working with surfaces subjected to harsh conditions, we are uniquely skilled at solving problems related to protective surface coatings.

Customer Service

Every surface is different and listening to your needs is paramount in determining the right approach. Whether it is a residential garage, a restaurant dining room, or a manufacturing facility floor, we understand that you have specific requirements and an overall vision that you want to achieve. Our goal is to ensure that vision is realized, which means that communication is key.

DPC engages the customer from the outset to ensure that the proper materials are chosen for the environment and condition of the surface. We make choosing decorative options easy and guarantee satisfaction.


There’s a lot of aspects to consider when applying a protective coating; however, they can be boiled down into three main categories, which are preparation, application and material choice. It’s critical to have a vast understanding of each of these components and how they properly fit together.

Proper Preparation

We know that a coating is only as good as the surface it’s applied to. When protective coatings fail it is almost always due to improper preparation or an oversight of an existing environmental condition. We perform a detailed analysis of your floor before we start. This critical step is of top importance for us and we do everything necessary to ensure that our high quality products perform to the fullest.


DPC understands that downtime and disruptions for maintenance, repair and replacement can be costly for your business. We strive to work swiftly to keep your costs and closure times low without compromising details critical to surface preparation.

Proper Material Choice

Knowing when and where a certain material can be used is absolutely critical. We believe that the vast majority of application environments are appropriate for the high quality materials in our arsenal. But in rare circumstances, “out of the box” solutions may be needed. Dynamic Protective Coating has the technical expertise and industry contacts to find the best coating solution for your environment.


DPC is an application specialist and is completely independent from chemical manufacturers. This is important because we are not tied to a specific product which greatly opens up the number of options we can use to find a solution that best fulfills your needs and meets the application criteria. Our independence also enables us to research and test different materials to find the highest quality products and determine situational effectiveness.

 Application Experience

DPC has applied coatings to a wide array of surfaces with special emphasis on challenging applications. We understand the environmental limitations of the materials that we use and when we can use them. We have coated many types of surfaces, including wood, metal, concrete, ceramic, under an array of environmental stresses and our success rate is 100%.