Frequently Asked Questions

What type of resinous floors are there?

There are several different kinds of resinous floors. We install polyaspartic, polyurethane, polyurea, urethane cement, epoxy, and urespartic coatings. We chose what coatings get applied in different systems depending on different variables such as durability, UV-stability, scratch resistance, and chemical resistance, among other things.

Is there any preparation before installing a floor?

Yes. We must make sure the concrete is porous and cleaned of contaminants. We typically do this by diamond grinding or shotblasting. We also treat cracks with a polymer filler to obtain a seamless finish once the coating is applied. Proper preparation is integral to the longevity of the floor.

How long does the installation process take?

Installation times depend on the square footage, the condition of the concrete, and the system being installed. For flake systems, most garages take one day to install. Metallic floors typically take 3-4 days.

How long do I have to stay off of my floor?

Cure times depend on many variables, including the type of materials used and atmospheric conditions. For garage floors, we typically recommend waiting 12 hours for light foot traffic and 72 hours for vehicle traffic. 

What can I do to not have a slippery floor?

We want all of our floors to be slip resistant. We add varying levels of non-slip additives to our coatings, which we can adjust to your preference. Good housekeeping is also helpful. 

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